What is cattery LV*Gentle Tomson:

LV*Gentle Tomson is a small Birman cat cattery in Latvia. The cattery is registered with the international organization FIFe (Federation International Feline). The cattery first cat was the Birman cat Dyja Klaudia*EST, which was brought in form Estonia in 2002. In 2004, the cat gave its first wonderful kitten litter. In 2009 the name of the cattery LV*Gentle Tomson was registered. In 2009, the second kitten Merveille Neige de Saphir*RU (Niky), who came from Russia, joined the cattery. This cat had fantastic show results and is now enjoying a peaceful retirement and continues to rejoice every day. In 2010 we were joined by the cat Cooper van de Simonas*NL from the Nederlands, in late 2012 by the aristocrat of England Mr. Sucette Uturn*UK, in 2017 from our cooperation cattery – male IT*Faerie Kiss Chan Chan from Italy. There are several beautiful cats born in the cattery that are used in the breed extension program.

LV*Gentle Tomson is not a “cat farm”. At the moment, it can be said that LV*Gentle Tomson is a group of friends / similar thinking people whose hobby and big love are the Sacred Birman cats. Our cattery Birman cats live in several families as a part of their families. Cats are provided with individual attention, a lot of love and professional care. In order to be able to save bloodlines, but not to concentrate the cats on one “cat farm”, a number of cat lovers participate in the breeding program.


Our cats, with good results, take part in international FIFe exhibitions. Cattery LV*Gentle Tomson has received an award – II place in the nomination “Best Cattery in Latvia in 2016” (all categories). Several of our cats are National winners and have won many other awards. We are trying to ensure that our catery cats are “really representatives of their breed”, we constantly provide our cats pedigree with new bloodlines, trying to make the next generations more beautiful than their parents. At the same time, we do not forget about the health of the cats and the development of a kind character.


All cattery kittens receive undivided love and grow up in family conditions. Kittens are trained to visit the litter box at the age of 5 weeks. We make every effort to promote the development of every sweet kitten’s character. We are aware that we are bringing up a future “family member” or “best friend”, so we raise the kittens “like our own children”. Our cats and kittens are not kept in cages, they are not kept in places where many cats are concentrated, we do not save money on their food, care etc. Generally, adult cats remain in their homes after being castrated / sterilized and enjoy life.


Kittens are available at the cattery no more than several times a year. All kittens are registered at FIFe (Federation International Feline) and each kitten is presented with pedigree. Kittens can go to their new home no younger than 13 weeks old, fully vaccinated, with a microchip installed, with a European Union passport. Please inform your certain desire to reserve a kitten (even if it is planned one year later). If you just ask about the availability of kittens, that does not mean you have reserved a kitten. Also, if you have reserved a kitten, please check in on the kitten from time to time, so that we know that you are still waiting for the kitten. When applying for a kitten, please also tell us a bit about yourself. How to contact us: phone (+371) 29428491 e-mail: birman@birman.lv


In the TV program “Ķepa uz sirds(Paw on the heart)” – Sacred Birman cats in white socks

http://praktiski.la.lv Birmas kaķi – pūkaini kamoliņi ar piemīlīgu raksturu

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